Fairport Convention
Philadelphia Folk Festival
Old Farm, Upper Salford, PA

Dave Swarbrick-fiddle, vocals
Richard Thompson-guitar, vocals
Simon Nicol-guitar, vocals
Dave Pegg- bass, vocals
Dave Mattacks- drums

Lineage: Liberated boot of great sounding show (either SB or FM)> CD-DA Audio Extractor WAV to FLAC > TLH > DIME

1- Walk Awhile
2- Dirty Linen
3- Staines Morris (not included-it's on Fairport unConventional box set from Free Reed)
4- Lark in the Morning
5- Sloth
6- Banks of the Sweet Primroses
7- Sir Patrick Spens
8- Jenny's Chickens/The Mason's Apron

Wonderful sounding set from the Full House line-up of FC. This by request. Complete set except for Staines Morris which was officially released. This will almost complete my early FC run of shows. Still have an undated Zurich show from sometime in 1970 that I haven't seeded. Let me know if you want that in the comments.
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