Fairport Convention
Public Hall
Cleveland, Ohio
October 9, 1971
(JoeRay Master)
16/44 Edition

Recording: AKG D1000E mic > Phillips Recorder
Location: First row lower balcony 2 sections back from the stage

Transfer: Master Tapes > Nakamichi DR-1 > USBPre2 > Adobe Audition CS6 at 24/96 > Peak Pro 6 (pitch adjusted +30) > iZotope RX / Ozone 5 (mastered) > Peak Pro 6 (post production) > 16/44 > xACT 2.39 > FLAC

01 Walk Awhile
02 Dirty Linen
03 Sir Patrick Spens
04 Bridge Over The River Ash
05 Matty Groves

Known Faults:

Welcome back to the fourth release from JoeRay�s Master Tapes series. This is the companion release to the Traffic set located here:
Fairport Convention spent the month of October 1971 opening for Traffic on their short US mini-tour.

Both the Fairport and Traffic sets have been shared in the past from a liberated boot (Fairport) and from CDR labeled as from the master tapes (both sets) but with the lineage: Master Tapes > ? > CDR (as well as the notes mentioning it was transferred with very low volume). This appears to be the first time it is truly directly from JoeRay�s master tapes with no other media in the lineage as well as now running at the correct speed (+30 cents) and fully mastered.

JoeRay gives us additional details around his thoughts on taping this show:
I attended and recorded Fairport Convention (opener) and Traffic (headliner) concert at Cleveland's Public Hall. This time I sat in the first row of the lower balcony about 2 sections from the stage. My Phillips recorder and AKG D1000E microphone was in direct line of the band�s sound system.

I was not crazy about Fairport Convention at the time. I have gained appreciation for their style of music since and they are still on the road.

Fairport Convention was the middle band on the bill for the night following Glass Harp and JoeRay�s capture does it tremendous justice. It is probably not the complete set though I do not have confirmation of that. Richard Thompson left the band after the January 29th Enschede, Netherlands show so unfortunately he is not present at this show but the band does not miss a beat and this is Fairport�s typical high level performance.

When this set is combined with the previously released Traffic headlining set we get a picture of a fabulous night of music all gloriously captured by JoeRay.

We cannot thank him enough for allowing new transfers/mastering of his wonderful legacy of master recordings but please do with your comments.

Mjk5510 & JoeRay

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