Fairport Convention

72-03-14, Hempstead, New York, USA

WLIR radio broadcast from Ultrasonic Studios

Quality B- (but definitely can be improved without much trouble)

Liberated bootleg. Obtained for $$ in the early 80's from a mail order bootleg dealer in Tempe.

Normal bias unknown Dolby > Chrome bias Dolby B > Audacity > FLAC

I have made no modifications to the sound as it came off the tape in March 2009.

This set list is an improvement over others that are available online.

I am not absolutely sure that "Flatback Caper" finishes at the point marked, and that "O'Carolan's
Concerto" starts there. It might be more reasonable to merge those tracks and label the piece
"Flatback Caper including O'Carolan's Concerto" if someone with more expertise can clue us in.

Track 12 is frequently mistitled (I've seen "Feel It" and "Get On Up"). It is in fact a cover of the
1965 Wilson Pickett song "Don't Fight It" (originally recorded in Memphis for Stax with a backup band
of Steve Cropper, Duck Dunn, Al Jackson, and Isaac Hayes).

The title of track 13 is the real one. The band announces this using the shorthand "Sir B. McKenzie".

1. Walk Awhile
2. Dirty Linen
3. Sloth
4. Flatback Caper >
5. O'Carolan's Concerto
6. John Lee (You're Turning Round Your Fate Again) >
7. The Time Is Near >
8. The Hanging Song
9. My Girl
10. Me with You
11. Matty Groves
12. Don't Fight It
13. Sir B. McKenzie's Daughter's Lament for the 77th Mounted Lancer's Retreat from the Straits of Loch Knombe,
in the Year of Our Lord 1727, on the Occasion of the Announcement of Her Marriage to the Laird of Kinleakie
14. WLIR Radio Announcement
15. Pre-Encore Tuning Up
16. Country Pie