Fairport Convention (featuring Sandy Denny)
My Father's Place Roslyn NY USA 1974-05-17

Soundboard recording B+/A- (possibly off air FM)

Good show, though Sandy Denny plays a rather nasty electic piano which gets the better
of her in a couple of places.

Traded CDR with some minor glitches and additional track gaps corrected by me
but no other interventions.

01 Matty Groves
02 Solo
03 It'll Take A Long Time
04 Dirty Linen
05 Brilliancy Medley-Cherokee Shuffle
06 Like An Old Fashioned Waltz
07 Ballad of Ned Kelly
08 Hexamshire Lass
09 John the Gun
10 Down in the Flood
11 Sir B McKenzie

Sandy Denny
Trevor Lucas
Dave swarbrick
Jerry Donahue
Dave Pegg
Dave Mattacks