Fairport Convention (featuring Sandy Denny) Irvine Auditorium University of Pennsylvania 1974
Exact date unknown but set list places it 1974.
Gig not listed in Clinton Heylin Sandy Denny book 'No more sad refrains'

Excellent show which I believe has not been distributed generally into the trading community.
I received cassette a few years back from Carl Malmgren (a member of Yahoo Sandy Denny list) and
was unable to get further details from him.

A real rarity and good quality B/B+ audience recording , cuts in applause between some tracks on received tape.
Final song drowned in clapping surrounding the taper!

Source :
2nd Generation Cassette copy (CRO2) No Dolby (Marked 'Fairport AUD Irvine/U.of P. 74-75? Copy')
of unknown original played back without noise reduction on Marantz HX Pro Deck
> hard drive wave file via soundcard (max music peak -0.6db) > tracked in Nero Wave Editor >Flac

01 Matty Groves
02 Rising for the Moon
03 Sloth
04 It'll Take a Long Time
05 Hens March-Four Poster Bed
06 Bring 'em Down
07 Tokyo
08 Brilliancy Medley/Cherokee Shuffle
09 Like An Old Fashioned Waltz
10 Solo
11 Days of 49
12 Rosie
13 Dirty Linen
14 Ballad of Ned Kelly
15 John the Gun
16 Down in the Flood
17 Sir B MacKenzie

Line up:
Sandy Denny
Trevor Lucas
Dave Swarbrick
Jerry Donahue
Dave Pegg
Dave Mattacks