Fairport Convention
City Hall
Newcastle, UK
16th October 1975

PLEASE READ... this is from the Rising For The Moon tour. It has circulated for many years from the days when I used to do tape trading. I removed 'Lark' and rearranged the order to circulate on a C90. This is going back to the master - on a C120!! Some EQ applied in Cool Edit- mainly rolling off the lower frequencies a little. I've deliberately not removed the hiss - it's there but not too obtrusive. From memory it was recorded on an ITT stereo recorder but with a mono (wired to both pins) mic and I was sat in the front row of the balcony. Converted to FLAC using Traders Little Helper.

This is NOT a high quality recording but it is fairly rare to find anything with Sandy and Trevor from the UK tour. Please have a listen to the samples (bearing in mind they will be mp3) before you download. I have deliberately included where there is a little distortion so you know what to expect in places. One for the completists or serious fans I think.

01 Dirty Linen
02 Tam Lin
03 Rising For The Moon
04 One More Chance
05 Brilliancy Medley / Cherokee Shuffle
06 Hexhamshire Lass
07 Restless
08 Stranger To Himself
09 Sloth (minor edit in instrumental due to tape turn)
10 Iron Lion
11 John The Gun
12 Sir B. McKenzie
13 Pick Me Up
14 Lark In The Morning
15 Who Knows Where The Time Goes

Sandy Denny
Trevor Lucas
Jerry Donahue
Dave Swarbrick
Dave Pegg
Bruce Rowland