Fairport Convention
Theatre Royal
London, UK

Dave Swarbrick-fiddle, vocals
Simon Nicol-guitar, vocals
Dave Pegg- bass, vocals
Bruce Rowland- drums

Lineage: Liberated boot ("Flowers of the Forest") of great sounding show (FM)> CD-DA Audio Extractor WAV to FLAC > TLH > DIME

1- Royal Selection No. 13 (Haste to the Wedding)
2- Adieu, Adieu
3- The Hexamshire Lass
4- The Flowers of the Forest
5- Hen's March/Four Poster Bed
6- When I Get to the Border
7- Jams O'Donnell Jig
8- The Eynsham Poacher
9- Sir B.McKenzie
10- General Taylor
11- Dirty Linen

Great sounding set from the FC line-up that recorded The Bonny Bunch of Roses and Tippler's Tales. This features tunes from Bonny Bunch. Some disputes over actual date of this performance accorting to info on etree site.
Support FC and all past members by purchasing their commercially released output and by going to see them live. Anyone liking this incarnation of FC should seek out Swarb's recent live releases from this band on his Shirty3 label. It's a 2 disc set called 4 Play 76/79.