Fairport Convention
Dunelm Ballroom
Dunelm House (Students Union)
6th May 1978

The 'Tipplers Tales Tour'. For completists. If in doubt, please check the samples!

I had ticket number 694 and it cost me 1.50. Those were the days. Plus support (can't remember who) and disco and a late bar...

Original cassette to Cool Edit, some bass end reduction, split, then to FLAC using Traders Litte Helper.

01 Royal Seleccion
02 Hexhamshire Lass
03 Lady Of Pleasure
04 Adieu Adieu
05 Flowers Of The Forest
06 Ye Mariners All
07 Three Drunken Maidens
08 Me With You
09 Brilliancy Medley / Cherokee Shuffle
10 Reynard The Fox
11 Jack Orion
12 The Eynsham Poacher
13 Hens March / Four Poster Bed
14 Hair Of The Dogma / As Bit Me / John Barleycorn
15 Sir B. McKenzie

There may well have been an encore but I guess I didn't have a spare tape for it.

Dave Swarbrick
Simon Nicol
Dave Pegg
Bruce Rowland