Fairport Convention
Live at the Half Moon, Putney
August 19, 1983

Lineage: cassette>Old Sony Stereo>PhilipsCDR870 burner>CDR>WAV>to Flac using xACT>you

I bought this cassette from a street vendor on St. Marks Place in manhattan about 12 years ago. The only writing on it was the band, location, and date. At one time, the recording must have been pretty good, but this tape sounds muffled and full of hiss probably due to multiple generations of copying. The cassette itself was eaten by my car stereo many years ago, but fortunately, I had burned a CDR copy before that happened. I'm not sure who is in the band at this point. I assume that this is a pre-Cropredy rehearsal gig, so pretty much anybody could be there. A better quality copy probably exists and if you have it, please post it! Until then, I hope you will enjoy this.

Track Listing:
1. Come All Ye 5:06
2. Reynardine 4:24
3. Crazy Man Michael 4:55
4. Farewell, Farewell 3:04
5. Toss the Feathers 5:08
6. Who Knows Where the Time Goes 5:38
7. Learning the Game 2:29
8. Tam Lin 8:01
9. Genesis Hall 3:59
10. Nadine 4:00
11. Rising for the Moon 4:03
12. Percy's Song 8:36
13. Million Dollar Bash 3:29
14. Meet on the Ledge 5:10
15. Si Tu Dois Partir 2:55

Total Time 70:51