Fairport Convention - 1984-02-19 FM - Matinee in WDR (TRAP 11), with sample

Venue: Großer Sendesaal, WDR Funkhaus, Cologne
(or Kulturzentrum Bahnhof Langendreer Bochum)

Location: Cologne (or Bochum), Germany

Date: 1984-02-19, Sunday, 11:05-12:00 O'Clock - concert and broadcast ("Matinee der Liedersänger")

Type: FM (mono)

Lineage: FM > master tape (cassette Maxell XL II CrO2 C 90) > NAD Deck 602 (azimuth adjustment) > Soundblaster PCI > Audacity 1.3.4 Beta (stereo, 32 bit, 44100 Hz) > wav > Flac 8

This is a fine concert which turns out to a powerful performance of the classic tunes (Matty Groves!).

Fairport Convention - 1984-02-19

1. Sloth 11:01 (fade in)
2. intro 'chicken and horse'
3. The Four Poster Bed 3:34
4. Meet On The Ledge 5:31
5. intro
6. Walk Awhile 4:04
7. Matty Groves 8:57
8. intro 'real audience'
9. John Barleycorn 5:45
10. unknown 5:09 /incomplete (Matty Groves continued?/Dirty Linen?)
11. WDR outro (cut)

Total time: 46:50 min

Line-Up August 1980 - May 1985 ( from http://www.fcfansite.fsnet.co.uk/ )

Bruce Rowland
Simon Nicol
Dave Pegg
Dave Swarbrick
(Dave Mattacks)

(Dave Mattacks sometimes guested during this period - often with Bruce Rowland as twin drummers)

The recording is not complete: Sloth (track 1) is missing 1 minute and before or after track 1 is missing about 7 minutes of the broadcast. I just wanted to be sure the rest of the concert filled the one side of the tape perfectly, so I had to cut at the beginnning. Track 10 is incomplete by ending of the broadcast.
Because I was living outside the borders of the WDR that time there is slight hiss throughout the recording. Between the songs there is one time more FM noise when I was searching better radio reception.

This is the raw transfer so far (no EQ, no hiss reduction, no compression) besides these edits:
annoying FM-noise (for 0,75 sec the station was away) track 4 at 3:24 removed and pasted with a fitting sequence behind - no more noticable as the tune was repeated anyway; cut after 1st track smoothed a bit; volume optimized (to -0,5 dB); tracking.

Btw, I wonder where lots of FM-recordings may be. There must have been many tapers from radio, esp. in stereo, not like me still mono! Think many people still have them on their own, not knowing of DIME and these sort of things.
So if anyone has got or knows of a better or complete copy of this concert - please upload it!

recorded, transfered and upped on DIME by trapper - March 2008