Fairport Convention
South Lakeland Leisure Centre
Kendal, UK
5th January 1985

Recorded with Marantz CD320 and a pair of Marantz mics from about 30 feet back in the auditorium. Transferred to Cool Edit - minor level increase to tracks 6 to 12. Processed to FLAC level 8 using Traders Little Helper

I've not checked but you may be able to hear one of the stewards asking me to stop recording. Needless to say...

01 Royal Seleccion
02 Poor Ditching Boy
03 The Deserter
04 Lark In The Morning
05 Close To The Wind
06 John Barleycorn
07 Sloth
08 Dirty Linen
09 The Eynsham Poachers
10 To Althea, From Prison
11 Hen's March / Four Poster Bed
12 Rosie
13 Widow Of Westmorland's Daughter
14 Si Bheg Si Mhor
15 Matty Groves medley
16 Meet on The Ledge

Simon Nicol
Dave Pegg
Dave Swarbrick
Bruce Rowland