Fairport Convention
Cropredy Festival
10th August 1985
Saturday night

Recorded with Marantz CD320 and a pair of Marantz mics from about 10 feet directly in front of the (audience right) speakers. Transferred using a Marantz CP230 to Cool Edit - no EQ applied,tracks spilt. Processed to FLAC level 8 using Traders Little Helper

There is a little distortion towards the end but it is on the original tapes.

01 Royal Seleccion
02 Adieu Adieu
03 Poor Ditching Boy
04 Jams O'Donnell's Jigs
05 Close To The Wind
06 Red Apple Juice
07 John Barleycorn
08 Brilliancy Medley/Cherokee Shuffle
09 To Althea From Prison
10 Polly On The Shore
11 Hexhamshire Lass
12 The Beak/The Claw
13 I was Only 19
14 Bring Em Down
15 Fiddlestix
16 Try Harder
17 Tokyo
18 Raised On Robbery
19 Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood
20 White Dress
21 Rising For The Moon
22 Solo
23 Iron Lion
24 Shoot Out The Lights
25 unknown slip jig / Fisher's Hornpipe
26 Hanks For The Memory
27 Candle In The Wind
28 Wish I Was A Fool For You
29 Rosie
30 Walk Awhile
31 Dirty Linen
32 Sloth
33 Matty Groves/Sir B.McKenzie
34 Who Knows Where The Time Goes
35 Meet On The Ledge

Simon Nicol
Dave Pegg
Dave Swarbrick
Dave Mattacks

Richard Thompson
Jerry Donahue
Trevor Lucas
Ralph McTell
Bruce Rowland
Cathy LeSurf