Fairport Convention: Worthing Assembly Rooms, West Sussex, UK.

16th December 1985.

Dave Mattacks/Dave Pegg/Simon Nicol/Maartin Allcock/Ric Sanders

SBD>cass>Soundforge>Wav>TLH (Flac level 8)>you...

Tickets to this gig were a present from my (then) girlfriend for my 17th birthday, a few days earlier. We turned up around lunchtime and mooched about (probably in the precinct trying to look moody and crusty) until mid afternoon. I had just started playing bass live, as I still do to this day, and Dave Pegg was my hero.

We hung about outside the venue late in the afternoon, and bumped - literally- into Peggy as we rounded a corner. We had a good chat, told him we were here to see Fairport and he was typically helpful and laid back. "Come in.." he said gesturting to an open door. And lo! We watched the band soundcheck and hung around trying not to get in the way too much, chatting to Martin Simpson (support) and various Fairporters.

We had to vacate the hall a while before showtime, but Peggy asked if we'd like a copy of the SBD tape. Honest. We were knocked out. This is that copy, only rediscovered this weekend.

Its a spirited performance from the (then) newly resurgent lineup, but I'm afraid I couldn't reach far enough on stage to switch off Ric's bloody phaser pedal(!). The tapes lacks a bit of top to my ear, but its eminently listenable ( except for the car crash version of Jack Frost...)

I don't think its quite complete, and there are a couple of fades to cover flips/missed tape cues etc. And there's a short section that appears to have completely dissapeard between Ric's tunes (as they were then known) and Matty G.

From My point of view, I love it 'cos I can really hear the bass and drums nicely. What a rhythm section...

I've done as much as my limited technical ability can do to tart it up a little, but please feel free to give it a go, if you're so inclined.

From The Bassninja


001 Lark Medley (part - fades in)
002 Walk Awhile
003 The cat on the mixer-The gas almost works-3 left feet
004 Honour and praise
005 Instrumental medley '85
006 Hiring fair
007 Jams O'Donnell's jigs (+ tape flip)
008 Dirty linen (part - fades in)
009 Sloth
010 Jack Frost and the hooded crow
011 Close to the wind
012 The swirling pit (part)
013 Matty Groves (part) - The Rutland reel - Sack the juggler
014 John Barleycorn

I've also found an old trade: an aud recording of the line up with Bruce & Swarb from 13 Jan 1985 (Wolvehampton) I'll try to post if anyone's interested...