Fairport Convention
Cropredy Festival
9th August 1986

Recorded with Marantz CD320 and a pair of Marantz mics from about 10 feet directly in front of the (audience right) speakers. Transferred using a Marantz CP230 to Cool Edit - no EQ applied,tracks spilt. Processed to FLAC level 8 using Traders Little Helper

A partial professional release by Woodworm Records under the title 'The Other Boot' was released on tape and later as cds. In line with Dime's policies, these tracks have been excluded from the torrent. I have left the titles in the text afterwards with their original sequence numbers so you can resequence things should you be lucky enough to have the Other Boot..

01 Royal Seleccion
02 John Barleycorn
03 Brilliancy Medley/Cherokee Shuffle
04 Plains Of Innocence
05 Shadow Of The Moon
06 Hanks For The Memory
07 Head In A Sack
09 Man In A Stations
13 Where Would You Rather Be Tonight
14 Quazi B. Goode
16 Honour And Praise
17 Mess Of Blues
18 Keep Her Satisfied
19 Mystery Train
20 Instrumental Medley '85
24 Mixed Emotions
25 One More Chance
26 Broken
29 Lonely Hunter
30 Hearts
32 Around The Bend
33 The Hiring Fair
34 Jams O'Donnell's Jigs
35 She May Call You Up
37 Walk Awhile
39 Dirty Linen

excluded tracks

08 Reno Nevada
10 Keep On Sailing
11 Tried So Hard
12 Suzanne
15 Lark In The Morning
21 Bird From The Mountain
22 The Gas Almost Works/Cat On The Mixer/Three Left Feet
23 Wat Tyler
27 The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood
28 Time Will Show The Wiser
31 Who Knows Where The Time Goes
36 Woodstock
38 Sloth
40 The Swirling Pit/Matty Groves/Rutland Reel/Sack The Juggler
41 Mr Lacey
42 Meet On The Ledge

Simon Nicol
Dave Pegg
Maartin Allcock
Dave Mattacks
Ric Sanders

Richard Thompson
Jerry Donahue
Iain Matthews
Gerry Conway
Cathy LeSurf
Robert Plant
Clive Gregson
Christine Collister
Mike Silver
Johnny Coppin
John Benz
Bill Zorn