<body text="#000000" bgcolor="#aaaaaa">Artist: Fairport Convention <br> <br>Date: November 14, 1987 <br> <br>Location: New Haven, Connecticut <br> <br>Venue: New Haven Coliseum <br> <br> <br> <br>Lineage: Some unknown cheap cassette recorder> Wav file (using Sonic Foundry Sound Forge)> CDR <br>(using CD Architect5)> flac (using Exact Audio Copy) <br> <br> <br>Setlist: <br> <br>1. The Lark In The Morning (missing some of the beginning) <br>2. Reynard The Fox <br>3. The Cat On The Mixer / Three Left Feet <br>4. The Hiring Fair <br>5. Wat Tyler <br>6. The "Big Three" Medley <br> The Swirling Pit <br> Matty Groves <br> The Rutland Reel / Sack The Juggler <br> <br> <br>I recorded this myself for the soul purpose of just wanting to see if I could get away with it. It was a last minute idea that my buddy and I came up with. The sound isn't all that great, but then I never expected it to be. I've never known anything about tapping live shows. I've never taped one since. Fairport was opening for Jethro Tull. I originally wasn't going to tape the opening act. I had never heard of Fairport Convention (forgive me I was still a teen). Once I heard a little bit of "Lark" I decided this might be worth getting so I started tapping. Needless to say I'm glad I did. The tape sat in a box for years until I found it a few years ago and transferred it to CDR. I've never seen this show offered up in any trading forum, but then I haven't been around as much as some other traders. I hope this is something some of you might enjoy <br>