Fairport Convention - two incomplete sets - Beck Theatre Hayes West London, England 1988.02.21 and Worthing Pavilion at the Seaside in the south of England 2002.02.17, never circulated of course, just gathering dust on a shelf - master cassette (1988) & CD from master MD (2002) aud FLAC

I found these two incomplete recordings which were made just a few days short of 14 years apart, and as far too little Fairport is uploaded I've put them together to even out the balance slightly. I don't remember much about the 1988 gig, but I do remember that Simon Nicol had a bad throat at the Worthing gig and was unable to sing. Ah - smoke in the bar of course, thankfully no longer - the one thing we have to thank Brown's hideous government for!

CD 1 1988.02.21 72 minutes

Sony mic/Sony Pro Walkman/Played on JVC TD-W718 to Sony MZ-RH1 on PCM/wav conversion in Sonicstage/adobe audition>Tracks>Fades> Flac 6

01 Introduction/
02 Reynard the fox
03 Banter
04 The gas almost works/Cat on the mixer
05 Banter
06 Honour & praise
07 Banter
08 The Riverhead/Gladys' Leap/The Wise Maid
09 The deserter
10 Banter
11 Head in a sack
12 Banter
13 Portmerion
14 Banter
15 Rosemary's sister
16 Banter
17 Dirty linen
18 Wall of death/Widow of Westmoreland
19 Banter
20 The hiring fair
21 Banter
22 Wat Tyler

Fairport Convention 1988

Simon Nicol guitar/vocals
Dave Pegg bass/vocals
Dave Mattacks drums
Ric Sanders fiddle
Martin Alcock guitar

CD 2 2002.02.17 48 minutes

Sony mic/Sony MZ R90/USB transfer from Sony RH1 MD to adobe audition >Tracks> Flac 6

01 Vicky Clayton song
02 Walk awhile
03 On the banks
04 Banter
05 Happy man
06 Banter
07 My love is in America (with Anna Ryder)
08 Banter
09 Love in a cold climate
10 Banter
11 Now be thankful
12 Banter
13 Instrumental
14 Let their be drums

Fairport Convention 2002

Simon Nicol guitar/vocals
Dave Pegg bass/vocals
Gerry Conway drums
Ric Sanders fiddle
Chris Leslie everything else/vocals