Fairport Convention - BBC Radio Nightride 1988.04.30/05.04,FM master cassette FLAC

Tuner/Philips HiFi Video Recorder/Dennon DR-M22/JVC TD-718 to Sony RHI MD set for PCM/USB transfer to Adobe Audition>fades & tracks>FLAC level 6

I found this on the back of a National Theatre recording. Reception was clearly not good for the last track. I have removed all the idiotic comments from the programme presenter, except for one.

Only someone not in his right mind would have attempted to record this session! Nightride was a 3 hour programme on Radio 2 I think, at least five songs were generally recorded for broadcast between Monday and Friday, usually one on each programme (but not necessarily) and at a different time each night - you work it out! I did this one other time to record the Albions, but managed to get a listening copy from the BBC which I uploaded some months ago.

01 The Hiring Fair
02 Matty Groves
03 Meet on the Ledge
04 Cat on the mixer/3 left feet
05 Port Merion
06 Head in a sack?

Simon Nicol guitar/vocals
Dave Pegg bass/vocals
Dave Mattacks Drums
Ric Sanders fiddle
Martin Alcock guitar