Fairport Convention
Octagon Theatre
Yeovil, Somerset
14th January 1989

Originally recorded on a Marantz casstette recorder with a pair of mics. Transferred to Cool Edit, no EQ applied, tracks split. To FLAC level 8 using Trader's Little Helper.

Several of these tracks were also broadcast on BBC Radio 'Folk On Two' on 1 Feb 89 and later repeated on 5 July 89. Needless to say this is from the audience.

01 Walk Awhile
02 The Noise Club
03 The Deserter
04 Dark Eyed Molly
05 Dirty Linen
06 The Beggar's Song
07 Summer Before The War
08 The Hiring Fair
09 Open The Door, Richard
10 Reynard The Fox
11 Set Me Up
12 The Gas Almost Works / Cat On The Mixer / Three Left Feet
13 Close To The Wind
14 Wat Tyler
15 The Rose Hip
16 Red And Gold
17 London River
18 Head In A Sack
19 Widow Of Westmorland's Daughter
20 Lark In The Morning
21 Matty Groves / The Rutland Reel / Sack The Juggler
22 Meet On The Ledge

Simon Nicol
Dave Pegg
Dave Mattacks
Ric Sanders
Maartin Allcock