Fairport Convention
The Hearth
Pipersville, PA USA
April 26, 1991, early show
1st gen ex- aud
complete show

Setlist & Fingerprints -

Track 01 - Intro
Track 02 - Instrumental
Track 03 - The Widow Of Westmorland's Daughter
Track 04 - Crazy Man Michael
Track 05 - Claudy Banks
Track 06 - Mock Morris Ninety
Track 07 - The Wounded Whale
Track 08 - CJ and TUTS
Track 09 - Red And Gold
Track 10 - The Card Song
Track 11 - Instrumental
Track 12 - Matty Groves
Track 13 - Unknown Song

Lineage -

TDK D90 90 min. normal bias cassette tape, 1st gen >
JVC TD-W505 stereo double cassette deck >
AIWA XC-RW700 CD/CD recorder (created tracks here) >
SONY CD-R AUDIO 80 min. music CD-Rs >
Cakewalk Pyro 2005 (ripped CD-Rs to HD here) >
Cakewalk Pyro 2005 (retracked and edited wav files here) >
Trader's Little Helper (encoded wav to flac, level 8,
aligned on sector boundaries)

1 CD, 13 tracks TT: 77:29
I'm positive that this is the entire concert.
Sound quality is ex- IMHO, as always.
Your mileage may vary. 9/10.

I was not at this show and therefore did not tape it so
this will be fairly short and sweet. I got this show in
a trade ~ 18 years ago and was assured that it was 1st gen
since the trader personally knew the taper. The only thing
wrong with this recording is that it was taped at WAY TOO
LOW of a recording volume. I had to boost the wav files 190%
in volume just to get the listening volume to a reasonable
level. There is no problem as far as warble, wow, distortion,
clicks or pops are concerned. There is a little hiss but
conversion from tape to CD seems to have cleared a lot of that
up. Talking around the taper is almost non-existent. A cheap
recorder was probably used so the SQ is good, not stellar.
The boys play a fine selection of tunes but the lyrics to The
Wounded Whale make me very sad. I think that all song titles are
correct. I need help with the titles to tracks 2, 11 and 13.
Here are some brief explanations: Mock Morris Ninety = The Green
Man, Cropredy Badger and Molly On The Jetty. CJ and TUTS =
Concasey's Jig and Tripping Up The Stairs. This concert was in
support of an album called Five Seasons. There is a late show
of this same date which I will upload if it is so desired.
This is ALL I know about the history of this tape. If you have
a better sounding copy of this concert, by all means post it !
I'm just trying to pay back the great trading community here.
Thank God for the mighty Dime !!! That's about all that I have
to say so let's wrap this up...

Finally, please, no buy, no sell, no mp3. Please seed this as long as you can.
Please trade this freely as this show is probably uncirculated and IMHO
rare. This concert will be a welcome addition to any Fairport Convention fan's
collection. I'll post a sound sample to help you decide if you want this.
Well, that's all that I have so......enjoy the show...

jojogunne 9/14/2009