Fairport Convention
Cropredy Festival

FM Cass master> CD Wave Editor> FLAC (level 8, via Trader's Little helper)

1. Instrumental Medley '85: The Riverhead / Gladys' Leap / The Wise Maid
2. Flowers In Our Hair (featuring Julianne Regan)
3. The Wounded Whale (fades out early)

1992 was Fairport Convention's 25th anniversary year. Not long after the Cropredy Festival that year, Folk On 2 broadcast 6 numbers recorded from their Friday night set. Of those 6, 3 were included on the 25th Anniversary Concert double CD. These are the 3 songs from that broadcast which remain unreleased. The second song is an All About Eve cover, with their vocalist, Julianne Regan guesting. Sadly the superb version of 'The Wounded Whale' fades out just as the final instrumental passage begins.

This set was recorded live at Cropredy Festival 1992 (which was the first Cropredy I attended) This recording was broadcast on BBC Radio 2's Folk on 2 programme.

This is the eighth of several short folk sessions I intend to share from my cassette archives, which I recorded from BBC Radio 2's 'Folk On 2' programme.