Fairport Convention
Stephen Talkhouse
Amagansett, NY

June 11, 1995

The Ken G. Collection [Vol. 227]

Source: Sony Stereo Tie Clip mic > Sony WM-D3 Maxell XL-II 100 min

Transfer Lineage:
Maxell XL-II > Sony Deck TC-WE 475 > JVC XL-R2010 CD-RW > Soundforge 9.0 > Wav > TLH [SB's aligned] Flac Level 8

Traders Den 2/25/15

Transferred, Channels Balanced and Tracked by George [kingrue Upload 412]


Here's a brand new Fairport Convention recording being offered for the first time ever.

They played 1 show with a short intermission.

Playing some new songs from their new 1995 album "Jewel In The Crown".

There is a speaking dialogue after each song, which has a lot of funny moments.

Since Ken used a 100 minute tape, Set 1 is complete with no cuts.

Set 2 is almost complete, running out of tape towards the end of the last song.

During "Matty Groves" you'll hear a snippet of Pink Floyd. Very Cool !!!!

The quality on this is quite good and very listenable.

I think any fan of Fairport will definitely want this in their collection.

Samples Provided

band members
Simon Nicol - guitar, lead vocal
Dave Pegg - bass guitar, mandolin, backing vocal
Ric Sanders - fiddles, occasional keyboards
Maartin Allcock - guitar, mandolin, keyboard, vocal

Set 1 = 47:31 min

01 Introduction
02 Dirty Linen
03 Kind Fortune
04 How Many Times
05 The Naked Highwayman
06 London Danny
07 A Surfeit of Lampreys
08 Crazy Man Michael
09 Mock Morris
10 Traveling By Stream


Set 2 = 49:00 min

11 Reynard the Fox
12 Jewel In The Crown
13 Frozen Man
14 Diamonds and Gold
15 Slip Jigs and Reels
16 Medley:
Haste to the Wedding >
??? >
Chocolate Soldier >
Dashing White Sergeant
17 Red Tide
18 Con Casey's Gig>Tripping Up The Stairs
19 Matty Groves (end cut)