Fairport Convention 1996-04-11
Royalty Theatre, Adelaide, Australia

1 Introduction and banter
2 Slip Jigs and Reels
3 Introduction and banter
4 Woodworm Swing
5 There Once Was Love
6 Portmeirion
7 Introduction and banter
8 Foolish You
9 Introduction and banter
10 Mock Morris 90
11 Introduction and banter
12 Royal Selection 13
13 Introduction and banter
14 Crazy Man Michael
15 Introduction and banter
16 A Surfeit of Lampreys
17 Introduction and banter
18 The Naked Highwayman
19 Introduction and banter
20 Frozen Man
21 Introduction and banter
22 Lalla Rookh
23 Introduction and banter
24 The Hiring Fair
25 Introduction and banter
26 Con Casey's jigs >Tripping Up the Stairs
27 Matty Groves
28 Introduction and banter
29 Meet on the Ledge.

A good size audience in a nice old Theatre with so so acoustics.
This was the gig where Dave Pegg became a teensy bit annoyed with the sound engineer. During the break the engineer left the board and could not be found, the band was annoyed at having to wait to go back onstage, also Peggy had complained about the monitor sound on several occasions during the show. When the band came back onstage to do an encore,Peggy caster out, threw his bass on the floor and referred to the engineer using the vulgar term used for a specific bit of the female anatomy.The band did do encores, but this was a very strange ( and amusing ) incident.
I recored this show but used inferior equipment ,so that not been used, this is a much better version, supposedly a soundboard but you can hear the audience applause, so who knows, might be a matrix, it stretched across two tapes , unfortunately the main one being a TDK D, and the encores on a TDK SA .
unknown equipment but this is first gen from the master.> Marantz deck > mac pro > adobe audition noise reduction , improve levels, multiband eq, encores are mono as one track was silent !.> xact> sbe> flac8
edit and transfer by godzgolfball 2021