Fairport Convention

October 20, 1996
Herman's Hideaway
Denver, Colorado

Dave Pegg - bass, vocals
Simon Nicol - vocals, guitar
Martin Allcock - guitars, bouzar, etc. and vocals
Ric Sanders - violin

Apologies if any of the band members' instruments, descriptions, etc. are inaccurate.

Source: soundboard > Sony dat; recorded by billstapes, who provided the master dat and requested that it be posted to dime. All thanks to billstapes!

Transfer: Sony D100 > 7 pin digital audio coaxial cable > emu 0404 sound card > wavelab lite (trim dead space, fades, split into 2 files) > CD Wav (tracking) > Trader's Little Helper (flac level 8, align on sector boundaries) > flac, ffp

Set 1:

01. "hello Denver"
02. Slips Jigs and Reels
03. Woodworm Swing
04. Crazy Man Michael
05. A Twist of Faith
06. The Naked Highway Man
07. Port Marion
08. Foolish You
09. The Deserter

Set 2:
10. intro
11. Traveling by Steam
12. Walk Awhile
13. A Surfeit of Lampreys
14. The Frozen Man
15. Lalla Rookh
16. The Swimming Song
17. The Hiring Fair
18. Con Caseys Jig > Tripping Up the Stairs
19. Matty Groves > Dirty Linen

(missing) encore: Meet on the Ledge