Band: Fairport Convention
Date: 2002-march-06
Venue: The Basement
Location: Sydney, Australia
Source: FM

Recording quality in my opinion: A- (check the samples, please)
Source: Unknow Lineage > Trade CDR > CDR > Extract and Convert to FLAC with Sound Forge 9.0 > FLAC Level 1 > torrent > You
MD5 Checksum: yes
Runtime: 64:04 + 53:25 = 117:29
Cover Art: No

IMPORTANT INFORMATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The upload speed of my connection is very low. About 60 KBP/s. The forecast for the end of the first upload is about 5 hours.
I ask all great patience, but I'm sure everyone will be satisfied with the outcome.

I will try to follow the possible the transmission of the files but I can not get all time with the PC. If the connection drops,
I will restore it as soon as possible. In this case, please, more patience and not worry.

The usual rules: Do not sell and convert to MP3 for personal use only.

Disc 1
1. Intro
2. Walk Awhile
3. Intro
4. Banks of the sweet primroses
5. Intro
6. The Happy Man
7. The Crowd
8. Intro
9. My Love is in America
10. Intro
11. Made line
12. Intro
13. Who Knows Where the Time Goes
14. Intro
15. Everything But this skirl
16. Intro
17. Talking About my Love
18. Intra
19. The Light of day

Disc 2
1. Intro
2. portmeirion
3. Intro
4. crazy Man Michael 1
5. Intro
6. John Gaudi e
7. Intro
8. The Deserter
9. Intro
10. Matty Groves
11. Intro
12. Meet on the Ledge
13. Thank You


Simon Nicol
Dave Pegg
Chris Leslie
Ric Sanders
Gerry Conway