Fairport Convention
Court Theatre, Tring
28 May 2010

1 Introduction By Earl Okin (1.43)
2 The Widow Of Westmoreland's Daughter (4.56)
3 Spring Song (5.29)
4 Banks Of Sweet Primroses (5.42)
5 Ric On Nutrition (2.27)
6 Danny Jack's Chase (4.14)
7 I'm Already There (8.01)
8 Rocky Road (6.46)
9 Ukulele Central (6.35)

1 Wouldn't Say No (4.21)
2 Frozen Man (6.55)
3 Peggy's Pub (4.02)
4 My Love Is In America (6.04)
5 Red And Gold (9.51)
6 Keep On Turning The Wheel (6.05)
7 Who Knows Where The Time Goes? (7.38)
8 John Gaudie (9.40)
9 Meet On The Ledge (7.52)

Full Fairport line up - Simon Nicol, Dave Pegg, Ric Sanders, Chris Leslie and Gerry Conway. Nominally an acoustic gig, which means Simon only used an acoustic guitar and Gerry had a slightly smaller kit. Otherwise pretty much as in non acoustic shows.

Some microphone noise during spoken elements (due to inevitable shortcomings in microphone-in-pocket technology).

The second half excludes Chris Leslie's opening story. The Court is a lovely little theatre but it has not developed a way of letting people, who standing in the car park enjoying the spring sunshine, know that the interval is coming to an end. Instead, one of the staff wanders out and says 'They're back on'.

Support was from the estimable Earl Okin, who makes the intro and is mentioned in the second half. During John Gaudie a young boy came up from the audience and danced with great energy, as is remarked on by the band.

Fairport are a working band - buy the records and go to the shows. They don't make any money from this recording and neither should you.