Fairport Convention
Fairport's Cropredy Convention 2011
Cropredy, Oxfordshire, UK
13 August 2011
very good audience

Lineage : My personal recording > To my HD > Dime

Recording Info :
Zoom H1 (WAV 16 bit/44.1 kHz) Lo Cut On, Auto Level Off
Position: Stage Right, about 30 yards behind the sound tower
As the concert was recorded from the middle of the field, there is inevitably an amount of
'ambience' recorded - however, this is how it sounded to me on the day, so take it for what it is.

Transfer Info :
Zoom H1 > USB > PC > Nero Wave Editor (split tracks) > dBpoweramp (convert to flac) > TLH (Fix SBEs) > dBpoweramp (add ID tags)

No manipulation carried out on the audio signal at any stage

Set List

01 Bob Harris Introduction
02 Walk Awhile
03 I'm Already There
04 Crazy Man Michael
05 Woodworm Swing
06 Darkside Wood
07 Around The Wild Cape Horn
08 Hard Times
09 Rui's Guitar
10 Honour and Praise
11 Mr Lacey
12 Celtic Moon
13 Mercy Bay
14 "Babbacombe" Lee
15 Reunion Hill
16 Hiring Fair
17 Albert & Ted
18 Wouldn't Say No
19 Rocky Road
20 Danny Jack's Reward
21 Who Knows Where The Time Goes?
22 Matty Groves
23 Meet on the Ledge
24 and so to bed ....

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