Fairport Convention
Fairport's Cropredy Convention 2012 1st Warm Up
Woodford Halse Social Club, Oxfordshire, UK
06 August 2012
very good audience

Lineage : My personal recording > To my HD > Dime

Recording Info :
Zoom H1 (WAV 16 bit/44.1 kHz) Lo Cut Off, Auto Level Off
Position: Stage Left, about 10 rows back from stage

Transfer Info :
Zoom H1 > USB > PC > Nero Wave Editor (split tracks) > TLH (Fix SBEs) > dBpoweramp (convert to flac) > dBpoweramp (add ID tags)

No manipulation carried out on the audio signal at any stage

Set List

Set 1

01 Intro
02 The Festival Bell
03 Fylde Mountain Time / Roger Bucknel´┐Żs Fancy
04 The Wood and the Wire
05 Rocky Road
06 Mercy Bay
07 Albert & Ted
08 Fotheringay
09 The Guinea Pig In The Microwave
10 Red Tide
11 Jewel In The Crown
12 Honour and Praise

Set 2

01 2nd Set Intro
02 Dangerous
03 Portmeirion
04 The Hiring Fair
05 The Brilliancy Medley & Cherokee Shuffle
06 The Hexamshire Lass
07 My Love Is In America
08 John Gaudie
09 Danny Jack's Reward
10 Farewell Farewell
11 Matty Groves
12 Meet On The Ledge
13 Outro

N.B. Set 1 Track 9 is aka the medley The Gas Almost Works/The Cat On The Mixer/3 Left Feet
It was named 'The Guinea Pig In The Microwave' by Simon Nicol when it was first
introduced into the live set back in 1985.

I have put the track start points at the beginning of each song, so the introduction
is at the end of the previous track.

Total Length 2 hours 12 minutes over 2 sets. Each set should fit on a CD

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