Fairport Covention - 1st December 2013
Reds - Great British Folk Festival - Skegness - UK

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A Disputandum Production

This has been a long time in the can as I knew there were likely to be problems with the first set, but
with a bit of editing it sounds quite reasonable.

Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span were going to be the two most popular bands of the Festival, so in order
to keep the numbers sensible they both went on during the Sunday late afternoon. It was however possible to
catch the first set of Fairport and then catch Steeleye which is what most people elected to do.

The result was that the first set was completely rammed full. I managed to find a reasonably central but
uncomfortable location on a walkway so there was a constant stream of people. You can only really hear this
during the intros between the songs so it is not too obtrusive until the last song of the set when lots of
people were leaving to get a spot in the other hall.

I had to edit out a particularly fuck-witted comment from someone passing during the first song - if you know the
song well it will be obvious what I did but believe me it is a lot less irritating than what was there before!

During the set break I was able to get to the bar, get a leisurely beer, and find a prime spot for the second
set. Much better mood by the end.

Altogether a good show, a reminder of a pleasant way to spend a sunday afternoon in winter on the east side
of Lincolnshire.

set 1
Sir Patrick Spens
The Jewel in the Crown
The Happy (Wo)man
Albert and Ted
Around the Wild Cape Horn
Doctor of Physick
Cell Song
The Wood and the Wire
Mercy Bay

set 2
set introduction
Walk Awhile
The Tale of John Garry
The Wassail Song
Farewell Farewell
The Festival Bell
Banks of the Sweet Primroses
Who Knows Where The Time Goes
Danny Jack's Reward
Matty Groves
Meet On The Ledge

Enjoy, and please don't try to make any profit from this recording.