Fairport Convention/ Roger Davies
The Atkinson
30th January 2016

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Roger Davies

01. Into the sun
02. Raised on rock'n'roll
03. Huddersfield Town
04. Hard to believe it
05. (I think I hear) destiny callin'

Roger Davies with Fairport Convention

06. James Dean

Fairport Convention

07. Ye mariners all
08. Myths and heroes
09. Walkawhile
10. Devil's work
11. Man in the water
12. The gallivant
13. John Condon
14. Hawkwood's army

15. The Fylde Mountain Thyme/Roger Bucknall's Polka
16. Lord Marlborough
17. Clear water
18. My love is in America
19. Crazy man Michael
20. Bring me back my feathers
21. Lalla Rookh
22. The festival bell
23. Mercy Bay
24. Matty Groves

25. Meet on the ledge

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