Fairport Convention
The Music Room
Philharmonic Hall
11th May 2016

Zoom H2 16/44 > Internal mics rear 120 > CD wave > Trader's little helper > Flac

01. Ye mariners all
02. Myths and heroes
03. Walk a while
04. My love is in America
05. The naked highwayman
06. Portmerion
07. Man in the water
08. Clear water
09. John Condon
10. Hawkwood's army

11. Sir Patrick Spens
12. Lord Marlborough
13. Bring me back my feathers
14. Crazy man Michael
15. The gallivant
16. Lalla Rookh
17. The festival bell
18. The hiring fair
19. Matty Groves

20. Meet on the ledge

This is the 12th time I've seen Fairport and I can't recall a better one. The version of 'The hiring fair'is stunning. The recording's turned out OK - I don't know what it is about Fairport, but I recorded them in Southport on the Wintour this year and the recording was somewhat marred by a drunken woman in the row behind, well this time it was a drunken bloke sitting two seats to my right making loud and inane comments, fortunately mostly between songs. He did try to strike up a conversation with me during 'Walk a while', but I let him know I wasn't interested, as I actually wanted to listen to the music. There are a couple of brief attempts by him to clap along - well off the beat, of course - but they mercifully fizzle out quite quickly. I don't think he spoils the recording.