Acapela Studio
Pentyrch, Wales
9th May 2017

Church Audio CA-14 cardioids > CA-9200 > Edirol R-09HR (@24'96) >
Cool Edit Pro 2 > CDWave > TLH
Recorded 6' back in front of house right PA

Recording, transfer & artwork by boombox

Two sets - no support

Set 1:
1. Setting up
2. Our Bus Rolls On
3. Genesis Hall
4. Chris speaks
5. Devil's Work
6. Peggy speaks
7. Now Be Thankful
8. Simon speaks
9. Slip Jigs & Reels
10. Ric speaks
11. Danny Jack's Reward (Cheapo Version!)
12. Peggy speaks
13. Summer By The Cherwell
14. Simon speaks
15. Who Knows Where The Time Goes
16. Chris speaks
17. Bring Me Back My Feathers
18. Peggy speaks

Set 2:
1. Simon speaks
2. Sir Patrick Spens
3. Fotheringay
4. Chris speaks
5. John Gaudie
6. Ric speaks
7. Portmeirion
8. Simon speaks
9. Around The Wild Cape Horn
10. Peggy speaks
11. Farewell, Farewell
12. The Hiring Fair
13. Eleanor's Dream
14. Simon speaks
15. Matty Groves
16. Meet On The Ledge

boombox's notes may 2017:

This was my third visit in six months to this wonderful little venue, hidden in the hills north of Cardiff. A taper friend had warned me that they were now offering pizza beforehand and that some of the tables were within the studio itself. An early booking would ensure the best opportunity to get a good view and they gave us the table directly in front of Chris and the PA. The gig was obviously a sell-out and it proved an excellent spot to record, though I'm happy to say that a mature folk club type crowd meant there were no talkers anywhere. Indeed the only chatter you hear is Simon and Peggy larking around on stage before, and indeed during, songs. The setlist varied somewhat from the Winter tour, and even from the setlist on stage. We got a mixture of old and new material going right back to the beginning of the band and introduced with lots of stories, which, in the main, I've tracked separately. All the guys were on top form and seemed to really enjoy themselves as much as we did.

I'm very pleased with the way this turned out. Only work done was the excision of one taper cough during applause and the reduction of the odd handclap and thud from onstage. The PA was clear (great work from Mr Yorath on the soundboard), but not overly loud, so I used a tiny bit of compression then to bring the volume up.

As always, please go out to see the band and buy the merchandise.

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