Pentyrch, Wales
23 May 2018

Church Audio CA-14 cardioids > CA-9200 > Edirol R-09HR (@24/96) > Cool Edit Pro 2 > CDWave > TLH
Recorded 6' from house left PA

Recording, transfer & artwork by boombox

Set 1:
1. Simon Speaks
2. Ye Mariners All
3. Walk Awhile
4. Simon Speaks
5. Genesis Hall
6. Chris Speaks
7. Our Bus Rolls On
8. Simon Speaks
9. Around The Wild Cape Horn
10. Chris Speaks
11. Step By Step
12. Ric Speaks
13. The Rose Hip
14. The Widow Of Westmoreland's Daughter
15. Chris Speaks
16. The Wood & The Wire
17. Chris Speaks
18. John Gaudie

Set 2:
1. Simon Speaks
2. Sir Patrick Spens
3. Simon Speaks
4. Farewell, Farewell
5. Chris Speaks
6. Bring Me Back My Feathers
7. Simon Speaks
8. Fotheringay
9. Peggy Speaks
10. Banks Of The Sweet Primroses
11. Ric Speaks
12. Bankruptured
13. Peggy Speaks
14. Summer By The Cherwell
15. Simon Speaks
16. Rosemary's Sister
17. Chris Speaks
18. Eleanor's Dream
19. Simon Speaks
20. Gerry's Cajones
21. Matty Groves
22. Simon Speaks
23. Meet On The Ledge

boombox's notes may 2018:

England's greatest folk band in Cardiff's officially favourite independent venue: what's not to like? After last year's excellent show, which was heavy on the celebratory '50:50@50' album, this year's show pulled out a few setlist surprises including 'Rosemary's Sister' by South Wales' own Huw Williams and 'Bankruptured', a fiendishly difficult piece.

Sound was excellent and the crowd respectful, so it was easy to get a nice recording. I was concerned I'd accidentally left my preamp levels up due to a previous acoustic gig, but the gear coped admirably, considering I was 6' away from the speaker. Aside from fades, volume levels and a smidgeon of compression, that's about it.

As always, please support the band by going to see them live - the best way to experience Fairport - and/or buying the merch: new live album 'What We Did On Our Saturday' was available ahead of it's release date in June and is a good representation of where the band is now.


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