Acapela Studio,
Pentyrch, near Cardiff,
Wales, UK

31st May 2019

Church Audio CA-14 cardioids > CA-9200 > Edirol R-09HR (@24/96) > Cool Edit Pro 2 > CDWave > TLH
Recorded 10' back, just inside house right speaker

Recording, transfer and artwork by boombox

Set 1 (65m36s):
1. Simon speaks
2. Walk Awhile
3. Chris speaks
4. Shuffle & Go
5. Jewel In The Crown
6. Simon speaks
7. Fotheringay
8. Chris speaks
9. My Love Is In America
10. Simon speaks
11. Hawkwood's Army
12. Ric Standup #1
13. Jonah's Oak
14. Devil's Work
15. Crazy Man Michael
16. Simon speaks
17. The Hiring Fair

Set 2: (73m41s)
1. Simon speaks
2. Sir Patrick Spens
3. Ric Standup #2
4. Bankruptured *
5. Chris speaks
6. Moondust & Solitude
7. Peggy speaks
8. The Journeyman's Grace
9. Simon speaks
10. The Deserter
11. Honour & Praise
12. Peggy speaks
13. The Crowd Song
14. Chris speaks
15. Eleanor's Dream
16. Simon speaks
17. El Cajonway Solo
18. Matty Groves & Band introductions
19. Simon speaks
20. Meet On The Ledge

* preceded by short tribute to Leon Redbone, who had died the previous night

boombox's notes june 2019:
This was Fairport's third visit to Acapela, which was of course, a sell-out. Comparing selist to last year, there were quite a few changes - it was nice to hear 'The Deserter' again. Sound was excellent, although the mics were set considerably higher for the second set, meaning between song banter is more easily heard. I didn't mess with the levels though to preserve the dynamics. MVP on the night was definitely Chris, who has added a bouzouki to his arsenal, though Ric's mini standup slots were very well-received too.

No real warts as regards the recording: audience was generally well-behaved, but enthusiastic, so the applause is perhaps not as low in the mix than I'd like, but then again, it's a good representation of the night. As usual, please support the band, so we can still see them on their 60th anniversary. Personally, I'm looking forward to starting Peggy's autobiography, which was such a big seller on the night that they had to go out to the van to get more copies.

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