Here's one of the first shows I ever recorded. So long ago, in fact, that the master tape is currently missing. So here's a 1st gen Hi-Fi VCR copy I made from the master soon after the show. The recording equipment I used was very cheap and I sprung for my first Sony D6 soon after this show to begin my stealth career. The Fairport Friends are really Fairport Convention with a member or two "swapped out". They were a great warm-up band for Jethro Tull. Ric Sanders will later guest with Tull on Budapest (it was killer !!) Dave Pegg and Martin Allcock play in both bands (at this show). Please help with the set list. Sample included. And I have a couple more FC masters on the way..

**** 16 bit / 44 kz ****** (CD Version)
Fairport Friends
June 7, 1988 (1988-06-07)
Red Rocks Ampitheatre
Morrison, Colorado

01. [03:56] Ric's Interlude (including Here, There and Everywhere - slight cut at 1:25)
02. [02:45] Double Violin Concerto
03. [06:52] The Deserter
04. [04:41] Dave Pegg inspired kick-ass JIG (sample #2)
05. [03:28]
06. [09:10]

Total time [30:52]

The Fairport Convention in 1988 were:

Simon Nicol � guitar, lead vocal
Dave Pegg � bass guitar, mandolin, backing vocal
Dave Mattacks � drums, keyboards, bass guitar
Ric Sanders � fiddles, occasional keyboards
Martin Allcock � guitar, mandolin, keyboard, vocal

(not sure of the exact line-up here - but I think most of these guys are performing - Simon, Dave, Ric and Martin almost certain)

Lineage: Aiwa mic > cheap cassette recorder > Hi-Fi VHS

Transfer: JVC HR-XVC11 > Microtrack II (24/96) > Wavelab (tracking and tweaking) > Flac (level 8) > you !