Faith No More
Date: 1983-10-11 - 1983-??-??
Venue: (ingnseps - S.T.O.H.) "First Performance" @On Broadway, San Francisco, CA + "New Love, Same Neuroses; New Hairstyles, Same Minds"
Sets: 45min+
Media: CDR
Number: 1
Source: cassette master > wav > flac
Quality: A

Side 1: (Live) The entire first performance of Faith. No More., recorded on Oct.11 at SF's On Broadway.
Band members consisted of Faith. No More. along with appreciated assistance from Joe Pie (vocals) and Jake Smith (guitar).
Sound was engineered by Matt Wallace.

Thanks to all who attended the show and enabled its success, and to those who hope to see the next one.

There is nothing very odd about disliking birds of prey, but this is no reason for holding it against large birds of prey that they carry off lambs. And when the lambs whisper amoung themselves,'These birds of prey are evil, and does this not give us a right to say that whatever is the opposite of the bird of prey must be good?' there is nothing intrinsically wrong with this argument, although the birds of prey will look somewhat quizzically and say,"We have nothing against these good lambs; in fact, we love them; nothing tastes better than tender lamb.'"

"projected" line-up:

Joe Pop-O-Pie (vocals)
Jake Smith (guitar)
Bill Gould (bass)
Mike Bordin (drums)
Roddy Bottum (keyboards)


01 Intro > The Jungle
02 Why Do You Bother?
03 Poop's Principles
04 Spirit > The Words of Jamal

Side 2: "New Love, Same Neuroses; New Hairstyles, Same Minds."

This side is an attempt to sum up the feelings of FNM during the time period surrounding the live show. Recorded by FNM.


05 (6:30)
06 (4:49)
07 (3:56)
08 (2:33)
09 (2:01)
10 (2:03)
11 (1:35)

Transferred from the original cassette by ingnseps.
Remastered by S.T.O.H.

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