The Fall
Acropolis Tent
Calton Hill
Disc : 1/1

01 Intro tape
02 M5
03 Behind The Counter
04 Glam Racket
05 Ladybird Green Grass
06 Reckoning
- MES takes band offstage -
07 Free Range
08 War
09 15 Ways To Leave Your Man
10 Big New Prinz
11 Hey Student (cuts at tape flip) / applause / ends

Total time 46 mins 20 sec

***Direct from audience master cassette tape***

Recording info;

Aiwa TPS-30/CM-30 mic/TDK AR-X90 by manattheback

Transfer info;

NAK BX300E/Genexxa EQ/Pioneer PDR-509/Maxell CD-R XLII-80/DBpoweramp (flac level8)/TLH checksum

Band -

Mark E. Smith (vocals)
Brix Smith (guitar, vocals)
Craig Scanlon (guitar)
Steve Hanley (bass)
Dave Bush (keyboards)
Simon Wolstencroft (drums)
Karl Burns (drums)


A fresh digital transfer from my master that has not previously been circulated or uploaded anywhere until now.

This was an odd but brilliant Fall Edinburgh show, odd because the gig was in a tent on the top of a hill, and brilliant
because of the way they literally rammed their way through this Infotainment Scan' period set - even though MES
was having an off-mic battle with the soundman which consequently led to a 30 minute disappearance from stage mid set.
The band were dragged off by MES after 'Reckoning' and the rumours quickly abound that MES had refused to continue unless the
promoter stumped up an extra �500 on top of the previously agreed fee. Urban myth or not they came back on and continued
from where they left off, letting rip at no lesser pace and the twin drums really leading the way. In my opinion they were
unbelieveably tight that night, just a pity we weren't treated to a few more songs.

As far as I can remember this was MES's first Edinburgh stage "walk-off", but there have been loads since, which has
muddied my memory of this one, he may have sang the remainder of the show from behind the stage? but I'm not 100% sure.

This was one of my last ever analogue / cassette recordings (I pretty much gave up gig-going in the 90's due to young family)
but it was a real joy to hear when I did the transfer, I'd forgotten how decent the quality was. Only minor shame about
this recording is that the vocals are a bit lost at times - more to do with the PA than the recorder though.

Last thing and a point of note, Stefan's notes of this gig on the Fall Visi-com site still has a question mark over
the possiblity of a 'volcano tent' Fall gig on the same date as this. The answer is no, this was the only Fall / tent gig
that was played in Edinburgh on that date. The Venue was a small circus tent pitched near an unfinished monument (locally known as
the acropolis) on Calton Hill. The tent was there for 3 weeks during august
that year to host various Fringe Festival shows and events and this gig was one of them.

And if you need further brushing up on your Edinburgh history, have a look at this - you may recognise the tour guide...


MATB 16 April 2013

(an Edinburgh man myself)