Family . Hyde park free concert
August 24th 1968
recorded by the highly esteemed Michael Godwin on 3 and a half inch tape.
The Breeze.
See Through Windows
The quality of this is pretty good for the era. The performance is outstanding , with the highlight being �the breeze� , which is a thing of beauty , aided greatly by jim kings sax .
Its a tragedy that Family never released a live alBum from this era, which IMHO was their best , their first two albums were incredibly innovative and the first, �Music In a Dolls house, is a psychedelic masterpiece.
I removed a mass of top end hiss , which was just hiss, no music as i expect the mic wan;�t capable or registering really high end sound. I also toned down some of the distortions on Chappos vocals by 2 to 3 db, it will still be a bit distorted if cranked right up, but its now quite good.
I also removed a lot of bass amp hum in �the breeze � .
3 1/2 inch reel to reel . either cassette first gen or digitised to mikes hard drive 2007, edit in Audition 2016 using spectral tools> she and flac via xact .
mix and transfer by Godzgolfball

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