The Family Stone

November 12, 2011

1. “some song about partying”, 2. Everyday People, 3. Dance to the Music, 4. Hot fun in the Summertime, 5. Stand!, 6. Family Affair, 7. “Musical homage to original band members”, 8. I want to Take You Higher, 9. Thankyou for letting me be Mice Elf.

Track Info: Harvest Festival, Werribee Park, Melbourne, VIC, AUS
Source Info: AUD > DAR > WAV > FLAC [CSC w/bass roll off > PCM M-10]

Mastering : 24 bit 44khz > Soundforge normalise > Audacity Track split > 16 bit 44khz
Taper : Roman79 ; 10m from stage right

Sound Rating: 8.4 (B)

Length: 63:08

Sound Comments/Faults?: Pretty decent. The vocal definition on female singer is a lot better than male(s). Audience noise is negligible, but the show overall is a little rough because of the noticeable wind noise throughout the set. Its really only in the background and doesn’t dominate the mix at any stage, hence I couldn’t really do an peak reduction on it. If it didn’t have wind noise recording would probably be a B+ as opposed to a B.

Show Comments: Setlist , assisted by (no specific setlist for Melbourne though). Not really my genre but to their credit they put on a good show/party.