The Family Stone
July 19th 2014
XVII Festival Internacional Jazz San Javier
Auditorio Parque Almansa, San Javier (Murcia)

Broadcasted TVE2 Sep 9th 2014

Jerry Martini (sax)
Cynthia Robinson (trumpet)
Greg Errico (drums)
Blaise Sison (bass)
Nate Wingfield (guitar)
Nadia (vocals)
Alex Davis (vocals and keyboard)

Are You Ready
Sing A Simple Song
Everyday People
Dance To The Music
Hot Fun In The Summertime
If You Want Me To Stay / Stand
You Can Make It If You Try
Family Affair
Everybody Is A Star
Mlady / Hey Music Lover
I Wanna Tke You Higher

Runing Time: 78:47 minutes

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