The Fantasy Funk Band
30th October 2009
BBC Studios, London, UK.

Broadcast on 31st October 2009 by BBC 6Music for "The Craig Charles Funk & Soul

**[BBC 6Music is a digital only broadcast with no FM transmission. Bit rate on
DAB radio is 128kbps, DVB-T and Digital Satellite 160kbps. As these are lossy
radio transmissions they have not been bloated to flac, following DIME

DVB-T (160kbps / 48Khz) > Nebula DigiTV > Hard Disk MP2 > mp3DirectCut

Non-continuous broadcast torrented as separate tracks in individual files.


01 Chat I
02 I Wanna Be Your Dog (The Stooges cover)
03 Chat II
04 Chat III
05 Season Of The Witch (Donovan cover)
06 Chat IV
07 Lover And A Friend
08 Chat V
09 Last Night Changed It All (Esther Williams cover)
10 Chat VI
11 Chat VII
12 Move On Up (Curtis Mayfield cover)
13 Chat VIII
14 Chat IX
15 Indian Ropeman (Julie Driscoll cover)
16 Chat X
17 Money (Barrett Strong cover)
18 Chat XI
19 Outro "Janjan"

Eddie Roberts - guitar, arranger, MD
James Taylor - Hammond organ and piano
Ernie McKone - bass guitar
Mike Bandoni - drums
Snowboy - percussion
Dionne Charles - vocals
John Turrell - vocals

The Haggis Horns:
Jim Corry - saxes, Atholl Ransome - saxes, Malcolm Strachan - trumpet

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732050379a7eb7425ea2c9ac31342c2d *03.mp2
726eee46b8ba9342e18915a02b8bf304 *04.mp2
6a4d38a1b6815dff728cfe99a832996f *05.mp2
54cacce4d63cc48f1ade2706c8ae1fd2 *06.mp2
ee22b33508f07260f20425ec81f9cedf *07.mp2
9bb1c40f893f42379f4484a6dcc3ff32 *08.mp2
04d7adb10bc893727e94f7f5c8a4a186 *09.mp2
bba84440b0cb303abe527cd111dea7ee *10.mp2
3bef4ca12202024938c2070749c07f44 *11.mp2
64fe3ae7f55a0942fc4b3bee17266b6a *12.mp2
461e9318e5bad661a5108fc27df68482 *13.mp2
ee3d42fbec48e2cc7c61868daba27ace *14.mp2
1ce21850e8a12b61df8a2b528e0645e3 *15.mp2
d0926a63e6d17e91e2ca8b9fce452513 *16.mp2
14cd437069874113477a424724192567 *17.mp2
359af80adff0048a4b8d0ce319adf7cd *18.mp2
c5b2a1f78d0fd2256c207ddb44cf3a59 *19.mp2