Fareed Haque's Math Games
Quixote's True Blue
Denver, CO

source: "on the fly" Matrix [SBD+(onstage/dfc/nos)Beyerdynamics MC803 > UA-5 > R-09]
lineage: R-09 > PC > Wavelab > CD Wav > TLH > .flac > tagged in foobar2000

taped, transferred, mastered and uploaded by Corey/KIND Recordings


01. Junkt
02. Teach Your Children (Intro)
03. Carry On
04. Teach Your Children
05. Almost Cut My Hair->
06. Helpless
07. Woodstock
08. Deja Vu
09. 4+20
10. Everybody I Love You


01. Lab Rat
02. Digital Cowboy->
03. Fearless->
04. Snow
05. Slippery Magi
06. Our House->
07. Flood In Franklin Park


08. 7 Squared->
09. Teach Your Children (Reprise)

Math Games is...

Fareed Haque on guitars
Greg Fundis on drums
Alex Austin on bass

with special guest Patrick Lee on keys/organ

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