Faron Young and Mickey Gilley
Pasadena, TX
Live from Gilley's 81-11

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Vinyl to Roxio Audio Capture, and edited with Sound Forge to WAV, and to FLAC with Trader's Little Helper.

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Faron Young
01 Wind Me Up
02 Sweet Dreams Of You
03 Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young
04 Tear Joint
05 Occasional Wife
06 Schlitz commercial
07 This Little Girl Of Mine
08 If I'd Only Known It Was The Last Time
09 Hello Walls
10 Here I Am In Dallas
11 Leavin' and Saying Goodbye
12 I Miss You Already
13 Orange Blosson Special
14 It's Four In The Morning

Mickey Gilley
15 A Headache Tomorrow
16 Stand By Me
17 Diggy Diggy Lo
18 Stand Alone Mickey Gilley Schlitz commercial