Fat Freddys Drop
27 June 2006
Cabaret Sauvage, Paris, France


Fat Freddys Drop is a group from Wellington, New Zealand, and from their record label:
"first and foremost a live band, fusing skanking urban Pacific roots, soul, dub,
jazz and electronics into hypnotic and thunderous grooves". They also make good music.

This is an audience recording from a show in Paris, summer 2006. I emailed them to ask what
their policy was on spreading concert recordings, but never received a reply. I then held onto
this, in case the new songs here were to be released on the scheduled new album, so as not to
spoil the surprise. Now the new album is delayed again, til year end 2008, and maybe these
3 new tracks don't make it onto the album anyway, at least in these versions.
So to keep the fans fed, here is some live stuff.
Buy their commercial releases and get ready for a euro tour in November 2008!.

Check out:
and their page on myspace for samples.


Set list:

01 Intro (01:30)
02 Ray Ray (13:03)
03 Cay's Crays (17:28)
04 "Running from" (09:45)
05 "Soul divide" (18:13)
06 Sports results (01:00)
07 Midnight Marauders (10:28)
08 "Findaway" (12:20)
09 Roady (20:20)
10 Wandering Eye (20:00)

Song titles for tracks 4, 5 and 8 are unknown, suggestions in quotes are repeated lyrics, as identifiers.

Complete concert, audience recording.



MPC, Mix: DJ Fitchie (Chris Faiumu)
Sax: Fulla Flash (Warren Maxwell)
Trumpet: Suga Two-tone (Toby Laing)
Trombone: Hopepa (Joe Lindsay)
Guitar: Jetlag Johnson (Tehimana Kerr)
Keyboard: Dobie Blaze (Iain Gordon)
Vocal: Joe Dukie (Dallas Tamaira)
MC: Brother Slave (Mark Williams)


Sony ECM-719 > iRiver iHP140 (rockboxed) > Audacity 1.2.6 > Trader's Little Helper 2.4.1 > FLAC 8

mid to back of a good natured mosh pit


artwork included


NOT for sale, and please do not spread this in lossy formats (mp3).
Buy this group's commercial releases for the real deal.
New album due in December, new single just released (The Camel, July 2008).

FLAC fingerprints
t01 Intro.flac:d08d6a90f3fc0bc8b7f596e3cb9e880f
t02 Ray Ray.flac:0dc6822d9903eb4a3136b6f9d90dbc15
t03 Cay's Crays.flac:35df31baf576d97525ced0657677fcc8
t04 Running from.flac:fc06d08db1a8d623c5b21a5ce3ccf417
t05 Soul Divide.flac:6720ea1eda99776ee204e1e060026f5f
t06 Sports news.flac:138b9e98d0ddf73e7210fdebec4cb5d5
t07 Midnight Marauders.flac:047bc2a59207e1997c8760a7cd90362a
t08 Findaway.flac:00d0b4687ade42a62e3664417d30a6d0
t09 Roady.flac:1d02747f7bd5b1427fa82a008ea61a86
t10 Wandering Eye.flac:12a176609ddd40248a863963949e78da