Faustus - Paul Sartin & Benji Kirkpatrick (Bellowhead) and Saul Rose (Waterson Carthy) at Cecil Sharp House, London UK 2014-06-21 (concert only) Hi-MD PCM master

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Faustus are:

Paul Sartin - fiddle/vocals/oboe, studied at the Purcell School, a music specialist school in London, and after a couple of years touring as oboist with the Gloria Theatre Company took up a place to read music, and a Choral Scholarship, at Magdalen College, Oxford. After graduation he became a Ley Clerk with Christ Church Cathedral Choir, Oxford, where he spent five years singing for services, recording and touring the world. During that time he formed the duo Belshazzar's Feast and quartet Dr Faustus, freelanced, and began his recording career and a little light teaching.

Paul is also a paid up member of the mighty Bellowhead and has a career as a stand up comic should he ever so wish.

Benji Kirkpatrick - guitar/vocals/bazooki, takes the role of self-styled �fretboard wizard�. Born of two folk musicians, Benji initially sauntered into the world of rock � sticking with Chuck Berry and Jimi Hendrix for many years - forming various staple bands in his youth. His interests eventually became more quiet and acoustic in orientation and one of his many bands - The Hedgerows - found themselves with a track featured on one of the hugely influential Evolving Tradition albums (Mrs Casey). In 2001/03, Benji was a member of the Oysterband Big Session playing alongside Eliza Carthy, Jim Murray, Rose Kemp, Cara Dillon and Seth Lakeman. Benji lends his talents to the Mercury-nominated Seth Lakeman on many duo/trio projects and tours, and is a fully paid-up member of the mighty Bellowhead (Band in Residence @ London�s Southbank Centre!).

Saul Rose - melodeons/vocals, is one of the best melodeon players in the country. He's best known for his work with the Kings of Calicutt and Waterson Carthy, has been a professional folk musician on and off since his late teens. A player involved with traditional music via a morris dancing past; from playing music for dancing and the dancing itself, and has been doing so for pretty much all of his life. He has been playing melodeon for all of his life at least�if not longer.
Spotted by Eliza Carthy in the early 90s he was then asked to form the Kings of Calicutt with Eliza and Nancy Kerr. 2011 has been spent almost entirely singing, playing and acting in the play Warhorse in London's glittering west end.
Saul has worked with so many people that it could indeed be said that he is a musical whore � of the very highest quality naturally!

This was a very special event for Faustus fans, with 150 tickets given away across the band�s last two tours. The show was also open to new fans at �15 for adults and �7.50 for children, with tea served at 5.30pm followed by a concert at 6.00pm, then dinner available at the downstairs caf�, and then a ceilidh from 8.30-10.50pm.

Now let's consider the "dinner" - there were sausage rolls and empanadas, excellent in their own way but hardly dinner. Then there was the hot food - we had "pork belly", which consisted of mostly cold rice with 3 small cold pieces of pork, and a tiny bit of cold fruity salad - a quantity which I would expect as one small portion of tapas at our local Spanish Tapas Restaurant, at �6.50. I'm sorry Cecil Sharp House, that is not good enough.

But the music was great!!! Didn't stay for the celidh.

CD 1

01 intro - part of Broken Down Gentlemen!
02 Broken Down Gentlemen
03 banter
04 The Prentice Boy
05 banter
06 American Stranger/Princess Waltz
07 banter
08 Banks of the Nile
09 banter
10 Lovely Johnny
11 banter
12 Humpbacked Whale
13 banter
14 Blow the Windy Morning
15 encore break/banter
16 Next Stop Grimsby/The 3 Rascals/Aren't Crisps Brilliant
17 banter
18 Captain Ward
19 banter
21 banter
22 The Thrashing Machine
23 banter
24 Og's Eye Man
25 Encore break
26 Brisk Lad
27 outro

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