Fay Hield & the Hurricane Party - Martlets Hall, Burgess Hill UK, 2016-04-23 aud master

Bokofessional mics/Tascam DR-05 24 bit 48k/adobe audition cc>16bit 44.1k conversion>phase check>Tracks>fades>sparkle>Flac

Fixed SBEs/FLAC fingerprint file in Traders Little helper

A strange gig for me because my wife was in hospital at the time with a Pseudomonas infection on her leg, which will take up to a year for the wound to heal.

I did 2 recordings, one to a Tascam DR-05 from "Bokofessional mics" fixed to my shirt collar buttonholes, with a backup to Hi-MD Minidisc via "Bokofessional mics" fixed to my camera bag. Both recordings had a surprisingly dull sound - perhaps I was not seated in the direct throw of the PA speakers. Slight sparkle has been added in Adobe Audition.

I also had the misfortune to sit next to an obsessive clapper - most of his claps have been removed, took ages and couldn't face doing any more!

01 intro
02 Willow Glen
03 banter
04 Green gravel
05 banter
06 The hag in the beck
07 banter
08 Tarry trousers
09 banter
10 Old Adam
11 banter
12 Katie Catch
13 banter
14 Little Yellow Roses
15 banter
16 Princess Royal
17 banter
18 Go from my window
19 banter
20 Anchor song
21 banter
22 The Briar and the Rose
23 banter
24 Raggle Taggle Gypsy
25 banter
26 The man in the moon
27 banter
28 The lover's ghost
29 banter
30 When I was a young girl
31 banter
32 Long time ago
33 outro

The Hurricane Party

Roger Wilson fiddle/guitar/mandolin
Rob Harbron concertina
Ben Nicoll double bass
Ben Paley fiddle
? percussion