The Felice Brothers
The Garage
Winston Salem, NC

Source: SBD>RCA>iRiver@44.1k
Lineage: iRiver>Audacity 1.2.4>FLAC Frontend>FLAC
Taped by: Brad Sale
Transferred: Brad Sale


00. Taylor Hollingsworth (with Felice Brothers)
01. Cypress Grove
02. Helen Fry
03. Chicken Wire
04. The Greatest Show On Earth
05. Goddamn You, Jim
06. Love Me Tenderly
07. Whiskey in my Whiskey
08. Step Dad
09. Run Chicken Run
10. Ballad of Lou the Welterweight
11. White Limousine
12. Farley’s Song
13. Frankie’s Gun
14. Take this Hammer
15. Little John
16. Let Me Come Home
17. Ruby Mae
18. encore break
19. St. Stephen’s End
20. Two Hands (Townes van Zandt)
21. Penn Station (with Taylor Hollingsworth)

The whole show is a little hot. I set up at the end of Taylor Hollingsworth, and couldn’t get back to soundboard during the show. Much love to The Garage and The Felice Brothers. Never sell this show for money, and please support the venue, the musicians, and live music.