Felix Pappalardi & Blues Creation
Ebbets Field House
Denver, CO
July 30, 1976

Source: FM BDC>?>my Maxell XLIIS-90 cassette

01) (4:49)
02) Secret Power (6:51)
03) (5:03)
04) (4:10)
05) Someone Like You (3:16)
06) Dark Eyed Lady of the Night (5:26)
07) As the Years Go Passing By (7:47)
08) (21:35)
09) High-Heeled Sneakers (2:20)//
Total: (58:17)

Felix - bass, vocals
Kazuo Takeda - lead guitar
Shinichi Tashiro - drums
Fumio Nunoya
Takayuki Noji

Lineage: Maxell XLIIS-90>Onkyo TA-RW55 Cassette Deck>Line In to Edirol RO9 @24bit/44.1khz>Edirol RO9 USB out>Dell Inspiron 530S HD>AUDACITY to 16bit/44.1 khz

-this one came up out of the old cassette archives, mainly because this was such a rare moment in rock & roll history and it's not to be missed. An hour of
blazing psychedelic blues rock in this one-off collaboration between Felix and this Japanese blues rock band led by the jaw-dropping Kazuo Takeda. They put
out an album together in 1976 (Creation) and at least 3 of the tunes in this set are from that album. If anyone can identify the other tunes, it would be
appreciated especially the monumental track 08! The other 4 tracks all sound vaguely familiar to me, but I don't have the album.
-the qulaity on this is very good at this point. My cassette didn't sound too bad/still had some sharpness and depth - it's likely 3-4 gens down from what
must be an impeccable master: if you have it, will you please replace this seed asap?! There's definitely some FM hiss and a bit of cassette degradation
over the generations, but it is still very listenable, clear, deep and bright. Some parts seem to sound better than other parts and almost reach excellent
minus territory. Still, one off the master would be kind(er)!
-as for the band, I'm not sure what Fumio & Takayuki do - normally they are vocals and bass, but that's obviously Felix, however someone is defintitely
playing rhythm guitar. Felix is incredible in this and his vocals shine. The drummer is great too!
-"High-Heeled Sneakers" has a nasty cut/fade out - obviously this is only a partial show.
-more on Blues Creation here: http://www.japrocksampler.com/artists/japrock/blues_creation/#albumArt
-never saw this on DIME - not listed in current or dead torrents
-mastered and seeded by matt23

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