Femi Kuti And The Positive Force
Burg Herzberg Festival 2011 - # 17 (since relaunch in 1995)
Breitenbach, Hessen, Germany
July - 16 - 2011

a SPACEBANDIT field recording

Rec. Info:
OKM2R -> ZoomH2 (WAV 16/44) -> Audacity/Soundengine (edit/remaster) -> WAV -> TLH8 -> FLAC ->
DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND grooving on african beats and soul...
Recorded at app. 15 meters facing center stage. I think this will make you dance!
Due to cable misfunction, a lot of this show came out on one channel only. I've copied the
good one and pasted it into. So this is mostly a two channel mono recording. I'm so sorry
about that, but it seems that my known taping buddies didn't record this show.
Over the top of mountain thanks to Mr.Starmelt99 for fon-support getting this together.
You know, I love, when things MELT...

Herzberg 2011...sigh...When it's over, you know what you're missing the whole rest of year...
First of all, a roaring BIG thanks to our "Camp of the Unbroken", like Olaf+Usch, Damo+Sarah,
brother Martin+soon sister in law Martina, Margret+Katharina, Dirk+Andreas from D'dorf Area.
Thank you for a real good time!!! Despite the cute weather changes, we survived again! Hahaha!
Another BIG HUG from my heart to those I met/talked/laughed with, like THE MOSHER, STARMELT99,
PROPYLAEN, Horst from PNF, El Gitarero supremo Martin, Arne+Anneliese from the Tie-Dye shop
(Hamburg rules!), the CRUSHER (guess you taped all we didn't) and all ones I forgot to mention
here and now. At least, with a little teardrop in my eye, as my heart feels weak now, to the
whirling flaming red haired dervish Patricia: May all the best of the universe stand by you,
everywhere you go...This one's from me to you. SB.

Ok, let get on with the show...
Some Afrobeat/Political Rock from Nigeria...


FULL SHOW (92:34 min.)

01. Intro -> Jam -> ... (13:52)
02. ... (4:20)
03. ... (8:51)
04. ... (4:53)
05. Africa for Africa (7:57)
06. ... (5:49)
07. ... (6:23)
08. Sorry sorry (8:58)
09. ... (7:24)
10. ... (6:28)
11. ... (4:28)
12. ... (6:51)
13. ... (6:15)

Sorry, but I couldn't match any of the song titles. Those two are just a guess...
If you know better, feel free to correct/fill in. Your work is much appreciated!!!

Also sorry, no details about the lineup.
There was a 5-piece brass section, each one guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion and drums.
And - check out the pictures at official Herzberg Festival site: three amazing female dancers
and vocalists. Oh, and FEMI was there, too, singing, playing Sax and keyboards.
Thank you all for a beautiful sunny saturday afternoon!!!