Fenton Robinson
Chicago, Illinois
Petrillo Music Shell
Chicago Blues Fest


Marantz deck>master tape(tdk ad90)>technics rs-t36r>r9(line in 24/48)>2gb memory card>pc>cd wav>tlh(flac 8)>you

The tracks were cut and converted to 16 bit using cd wave.

The source is thrilled to share his fm master tape and sees the Blues as being of of America's Greatest Treasure.
Fenton is another one of those musicians who was born in Mississippi, and wound up moving to Chicago. He recorded
his most well known song, "Somebody Loan Me a Dime," in 1967.

Short set, but still a treat to hear Fenton's smooth singing, and his tasty jazz-like licks. Another one of
those who left us a bit too early.

There were no issues with the transfer and the tape looked brand new. There is some hiss, but it is nothing
too distracting. 8-8.5/10

01) MC Intro
02) I Had a True Love
03) Somebody Loan Me a Dime
04) My Girl
05) Going to Chicago

enjoy. support the Blues.