Feral & Stray
(supporting Agnes Obel)

De Doelen
The Netherlands

3rd February 2014 (2014-02-03)


Type: Audience master, recorded from seat in centre of 10th row, approximately
15 metres from the suspended PA stack.

Source: Factory-matched pair of Schoeps CCM 41V microphones (DINa mounted) ->
Marantz PMD661 recorder with Oade Concert Mod
(-18 dB gain/44.1 kHz/24 bit WAV)

Lineage: Audacity 2.0.5
* Applied variable envelope amplification across recording for
consistent listening experience.
* Attenuated audience noise.
* Added fades.
* Split tracks.
* Converted to 16 bit.
-> FLAC (compression level 8) [libFLAC 1.3.0 20130526]

Taper: Ian Macdonald (ianmacd)


01. [06:23] Anchor
02. [03:28] Threads
03. [00:32] [banter]
04. [05:15] Quiet Soul
05. [00:31] [banter]
06. [03:52] Falling
07. [05:38] All The Birds In The World
08. [00:57] [banter]
09. [04:19] Safe And Sound

Total running time: 31:00


I've never been to De Doelen before. It's nice; very modern, intelligently
staggered seating for a great view of the stage, and with an aura of being
just the kind of place for someone like Agnes Obel to perform. They could
improve the legroom a bit, which is reminiscent of the cabin of a budget
airline, but I'll get by.

Feral & Stray a.k.a. Erin Lang is still the tour support. She plays a slightly
the different set from I first heard at the Paradiso, back in mid-October of
2013. Gone are 'Carried Away' and 'The Warrior', replaced by 'Anchor' and
'Safe And Sound'.

The hyperbolic banter is a bit much. De Doelen is apparently one of the most
beautiful places Erin has ever seen. Blimey. She can't see us, but she's sure
we're a beautiful audience. Rotterdam is a beautiful city; and so forth. You
just know she'd say the same thing to an audience of pockmarked junkies in
some concrete hellhole of a town.

The recording is excellent, reflecting what the ear heard on the night.

As always, samples are attached to the torrent to allow you to determine
whether this is something for you.